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The Cat Hotel

We have 13 rooms for cats inside a purpose built residence, with central heating. Each room has heat pads and a double glazed window for watching the world go by. We advise you bring your cats own food to avoid upset stomachs but we keep Arden Grange dry food on site.  You are welcome to bring your pet's own beds, toys, cushions and scratch posts. All cats need up to date vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

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The Cat Hotel is situated away from the kennels and double glazing means they do not see or hear the dogs here. The building is centrally heated and there are heat pads for extra cosy naps. There is a double glazed window to watch what is going on outside and multi-lvel platforms and climbing posts. The rooms and litter trays are cleaned out every day. You are welcome to bring the cats beds and toys to help it settle.

Food and care

We prefer a cat to stay on its familiar diet so request you bring its food. Changing a diet overnight without weaning can cause upset stomachs or the cat may be less likely to eat. We have a kitchen, fridge and freezer to store food.  We use Cats Best litter and trays are cleaned out twice a day.  We are happy to take cats needing medication, diabetic injections or special care..just call to discuss.


All cats will need up to date injections. there needs to be two weeks between the end of the primary vaccination course and coming into the cattery. If your cat vaccinations lapse by over a year and you have a booster, you will need to leave it two weeks between the vaccination and coming here incase the cat  picked up any viruses while it was not covered.

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