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The Kennels

*Only 20 kennels so each dog will get more individual attention.
*8 large pens for big dogs or pairs of dogs,  8 smaller pens for medium and small dogs. 
*Underfloor heating so no damp beds.
* Double glazed windows so the kennels are warm in winter and cool in summer with lots of natural light.
*Each kennel has a covered outdoor run
*4 Fenced excercise areas for playtime
*5 acres of fenced fields for 3 walks a day
*All dogs must have up to date vaccinations including kennel cough and been treated for fleas and worms.

Kennels: Services

The Kennels.

*Each kennel has an area indoors which has underfloor heating. They have access throughout the day to their own outdoor covered run. Both are cleaned every day. You are welcome to bring your dog's bed and toys to make it feel more like home.


Excercise*The dogs have access to their outdoor, covered run all day.*They are walked at least 3 times a day around the 5 acres of fields individually or in their family groups.*We have 4  excercise compounds for the dogs to play off lead safely between walks.


Feeding and care
*Please bring  your dog's own food to avoid upset stomachs. We do have Arden Grange and Harringtons Complete here if needed. 
*We are happy to take dogs requiring medication or special requirements.

Kennels: Services
Kennels: Gallery
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