Important information/Contact

Everything You Need to Know


Please email with any enquiries or booking requests. I am rarely in the office and will reply asap  but sometimes it may be in the  evening. My mobile is with me for emergencies or calls needing immediate responses 07738059932. Messages can be left on the landline  but emails are better.  

Visits: New customers can book to visit, at 10am or 3.30pm. One customer per pet to avoid disturbing animals and as a covid precaution. On arrival go to reception, if the sign on the door says I am in the cattery  then please go inside the reception and I will be upstairs. If it says in the kennels, go round to the kennel block if you havent got a mobile phone and find me there.


Email me with booking dates once you have read all the info and terms on this site. I confirm bookings by email. A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking. If you cancel within 28 days of the booking the deposit is non refundable and if you cancel 24 hours before arrival the full payment is due.  Email me for my bank details. 

What to bring/what to do on arrival

Dogs and cats: Bring vaccination records (email copies are not acceptable but you can send if you want me to double check them).  It is up to the customer to ensure dogs have up to date DHP (3 yearly vaccination) Kennel cough (annual and not done in the two weeks before coming) and L4 (annual). Cats vaccinations also need to be up to date.  Primary courses and restarts need to be completed 2 weeks before coming.  You need a note of flea/tick/worm treatments, brand and when given.  Booking forms require the microchip number, insurance information, vet details, an emergency contact other than your own.

Bring the dogs/cats own brand of food as it avoids upset stomachs or dogs not eating. I have lots of vet bedding/blankets but you are welcome to bring your own plus toys and treats . Strong chewing toys should be brought with dogs that chew or pups. Inform me if your dog is likely to chew my bedding/plastic beds and bring your own if this is likely.


ON ARRIVAL: Button by main gate to open it. Drive to reception, I will be in there, upstairs in the cattery or in the kennels..a sign on the door will indicate where or ring my mobile.  Leave pets in car till vaccination records have been checked.

 I need a set time for dropping and pick up as we get busy and if you are going to be late or early please ring the mobile to let me know 07738059932. The latest for coming is 10.45am  or 4.45pm as it takes time to handover.  We cannot run over closing times as its a small business and I need to lock the gates to start dog walks at 11am and 5pm. 


Please arrange a set time for collection at least fifteen minutes before closing.  If running late ring my mobile. After 5pm collections in emergencies only.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. I do not have a card machine. Please make sure you have everything that you brought as I may forget to pick up a toy or food if is busy. 

Please understand this is a small business and I am often doing most of the work. Looking after the pets is my priority so I may often seem in a hurry as I want to get back to settling them in or walking them.  Understand that emails may not get immediately answered and my responses may be brief as I will have several to reply to. Private messages/texts/calls  late at night or before 9am are for emergencies only.