Rowes Pet Hotel

01726 822508 or 07738059932

Rowes Pet Hotel
Domellick Farm ,
St Dennis, St Austell,
PL26 8BY
Licence number LI19-000300

Dog Boarding and Dog Day Care


  • Small:  £12 a day (Yorkie/Jack Russel size)                       

  • Medium: £13  (knee high/cocker spaniel/staffs)                

  • Large:  £14   (Labrador/Springers)                                    

  • Extra large: £15 (Giant breeds/Large G.Sheps)  


  • 10% discount for dogs sharing.                                         

  •  £3 extra for one day bookings.                       

  • Charges are per day.   You pay for day of collection so the pet can stay that day until 5pm.                    

Please ask to drop or collect outside opening hours . If it’s possible to arrange there will be a charge depending on circumstances.                                                                                                                       

 Arden Grange Complete and Chappie supplied but you are welcome to bring your dog's own prefered brand of food.                                                                                             

Cat Hotel

  • £9 a day               

  • 10% discount for 2 or more sharing

Arden Grange Complete and Wet food supplied but you are welcome to bring your cat's own favourite food if you prefer not to change their diet.

Grooming and Transport

Shampoo and towel dry .£7

with blow dry...£10

Shampoo, brushing, detangling,  nails, clipping, trimming, removing undercoat will all be charged per hour as some coats require longer to untangle, work out knots and matts or clip than others. Average time is 1.5 to 2 hours.   £12 an hour. 


Specially fitted out van with steel, lockable fitted cages....collect or return your pet...price depends on distance so call to discuss.

Anything we forgot?

We give your dogs and cats the best care we can, with good walks for the dogs and cuddles for the cats. But if you are worried they might need any extras not mentioned then please let us know. ie brushing for long-haired cats, ball play time for dogs. We can accommodate.