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Overnight & Long stay Boarding & Day care. Boarding is charged per day not per 24 hours so your pet can stay till 5pm on day of collection if you are delayed. Please see Terms/Info for deposit/charges for late cancellations or collections and other information. I have 2 double sized family kennels for more than 2 sharing. No intact adult males.

 £18 per day not per 24 hours

£20 large dogs 

10% discount sharing



PLEASE bring your dogs preferred brand of food to avoid upset stomachs.       Welcome to bring own bedding                                                                                          


  • £12 a day (£11 if also booking kennels

  • 10% discount for cats sharing 

  • 50% extra Dec 25 to Jan 1st and BANK HOLIDAYS.     



  • Discounts long stays over 3 weeks

​Please read Terms for information about deposits and late cancellations.

Please bring your cats preferred brand of food as changing diets can cause upset stomachs or the cat/s may refuse to eat. .


Shampoo and towel dry .£7

with blow dry...£10

Shampoo, brushing, detangling,  nails, clipping, trimming, removing undercoat will all be charged per hour as some coats require longer to untangle, work out knots and matts or clip than others. Average time is 1.5 to 2 hours.   £12 an hour. 


Specially fitted out van with steel, lockable fitted cages....collect or return your pet...price depends on distance so call to discuss.

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Prices: In-House Care
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