Dog Boarding and Dog Day Care

Overnight & Long stay Boarding & Day care. Boarding is charged per day not per 24 hours. Please see Terms/Info for deposit/charges for late cancellations or collections and other information. I have 2 double sized family kennels for larger sharing dogs and more than 2 sharing, please ask for rates.   No intact adult males.                                                                                  

    £16 a day - toy dogs

    £17 -  medium/large

  £18 - extra large.   

                                                             £20 day care                                                                                                                                                         

10% DISCOUNT for 2 dogs sharing a kennel and stays over 3 weeks. . 


  •  50% EXTRA BANK HOLIDAYS and DEC 25 to JAN 1st                                           ​             Please ask to drop or collect outside opening hours . If it’s possible to arrange there will be a charge to cover the extra staff member needed.                                                                                                     

PLEASE bring your dogs preferred brand of food to avoid upset stomachs.                                                                                               

Cat Hotel

  • £11 a day.    

  • £19 for 2 sharing.  

  • £25 for 3 sharing

  • 50% extra Dec 25 to Jan 1st.       



  • Discounts long stays

​Please read Terms for information about deposits and late cancellations.

Please bring your cats preferred brand of food as changing diets can cause upset stomachs or the cat/s may refuse to eat. .

Grooming and Transport

Shampoo and towel dry .£7

with blow dry...£10

Shampoo, brushing, detangling,  nails, clipping, trimming, removing undercoat will all be charged per hour as some coats require longer to untangle, work out knots and matts or clip than others. Average time is 1.5 to 2 hours.   £12 an hour. 


Specially fitted out van with steel, lockable fitted cages....collect or return your pet...price depends on distance so call to discuss.

Important info

Contact me by email to book or ask questions as I go through emails with diary at the end of the day and usually too busy to take phone calls during the day. 

If you want to visit any day including weekends you can at 10am or 3.30pm but check first as slots may have gone. Visitors can bring dogs but leave in car. At present time its one human per pet to visit or come inside buildings.  

Pets must be up to date with vaccinations so check. Bring the card with you...I will turn away if not correct.

A deposit is needed 2 weeks before for bank details 

When you arrive with a dog, leave it in the car till vaccinations are checked. Come and find me, I will be in cattery or kennels or the house...there should be a sign on the reception door saying where I am. Do not get your dog out of the car until you have found me and do not let them run off lead in the car park area. 

Bring food, vaccination card and I have bedding for dogs/cats but you are welcome to bring your own, and toys particularly for pups and chewers.

Opening hours 9 to 11 and 3 to 5, please dont come  a few minutes to 11 or 5 as each handover of a pet takes time and dog walks begin at 11am and 5pm.  

Booking information will include the pets microchip info, emergency contact of someone local, vet details etc so please have these. You will have to sign that you have read terms and conditons found on this site.