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Terms and Conditions

The pet owner confirms that the  vaccinations are up to date with all boosters administered at least 1 week before boarding. Primary vaccination courses must be completed with at least a 2 week gap before boarding. kennel cough vaccination must be administered at least 14 days before boarding.  Relevant certificates must be produced for inspection before any animal will be accepted for boarding. If vaccinations are incorrect on arrival the pet will not be accepted and the customer is liable for the cost of the booking and/or deposits not refunded. Ask Sharon if you are unsure before arrival. 

Please LEAVE  dogs in vehicles until you have found a staff member and records are checked (every visit).

Please try NOT to drop/collect pets just before closing times to allow time for paper work and settling them in.  

The pet owner accepts responsibility for using regular flea and worming treatments before arrival and if the animal is found to need flea or worming treatments these will be carried out with veterinary standard products and the owner will reimburse us for the cost.

The pet owner agrees that whilst every care and attention is given to the animal(s), they are accepted at the owners risk.  Also, belongings (such as toys, blankets, beds, leads, collars, feeding bottles, bowls, carriers and cages) are also left at the owner's risk. We will use our registered vet if the animal needs treatment during its stay and the owner accepts they will reimburse us.

When a booking is made, a fixed date on which the owner will collect the pet will be agreed. If the owner wishes to collect before that date, they will remain liable to pay boarding fees up to the agreed collection date.

Please note Christmas Day to New Years Day and Bank Holidays will incur a 50% extra charge.

The customer accepts they will pay a non refundable deposit of 50%  to secure booking.  If the customer cancels or shortens the booking 24 hours or less before the arrival date then the full original booking cost will be required. If the customer fails to provide a written cancellation of a booking 24 hours beforehand and doesnt turn up then they are liable for the full cost of the booking. 

We do not accept intact male dogs that excessively mark (pee up walls) or overly aggressive/destructive dogs. Some intact male dogs may not mark but we would ask for a trial day first. We also require a trial day with any new dog that may be aggressive/anxious or suffer separation anxiety to determine if they will settle in the kennels. 

If your dog is likely to chew bedding please bring your own. A charge for replacing badly chewed plastic beds will be added. 

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